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Miva Design and Development Services

From fully-featured business functions to top-notch user experience, this is precisely what we do for your Miva stores. You’ll get the right traffic, improved conversions, and higher sales with our e-commerce solutions for the Miva platform.

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Our Services For Your Miva Stores Includes

Miva Store Development

Customized online stores have never been more important to differentiate your brand from the immense competition in the online market. Our Miva designers understand your business functions such as brand value and target customers, to deliver fully personalized Miva stores.

Miva Wireframing & Testing

Check all the possible designs and usability cases before investing your valuable resources in designing the complete Miva store. You can run multiple A/B testing to elevate your Miva store’s UX with the in-depth wireframing process.

Miva Marketing Integrations

Add powerful marketing tools to offer discounts on any product in your Miva store. We provide robust and flexible marketing tool integration solutions that can easily set up loyalty programs, send newsletters, offer gift cards, and do even more to reach your customers directly.

Miva Inventory Management

Organize and sync all products using customized inventory management systems in your Miva store. Our Miva solutions let you select even the complex product attributes and sort them accordingly. You can also edit the status of products to maintain an updated merchandising list.

Miva Payment Modules

Quickly configure payment methods to ease the transaction process for your target customers at your Miva stores. We can develop these modules and add them to your Miva store with popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and more.

Miva Store Site-Mapping

Take total control of your Miva store by monitoring its performance and setting up automatic redirects – in case of broken links. Our optimization solutions for your Miva store ensure high visibility in the search engines with proper content uploaded, site schema, and optimum URLs.


Is Miva an e-commerce platform?

Miva is a full-fledged e-commerce platform with exceptional functionalities to run online stores. You can set up your store on the Miva platform by adding products, design templates, and more – to get ROI for your business.

What size of the online store can Miva support?

From medium-sized to big businesses can use Miva for running their online stores. But it depends on your business needs and other factors. You can discuss it with our Miva experts here.

Is Miva free? Or Does this platform have a free trial?

Miva offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but the platform is neither free nor available for any trials. You can discuss more on the platform integration and your business needs here.

Does Miva have a simple interface?

This platform is popular for being user-friendly and simple enough for non-developers. It is extremely convenient to set up an online store and start selling all products in one go. You can get more details from our experts.


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Miva Integration Services

  • Miva API Integration
  • Miva ERP Integration
  • Miva CRM Integration
  • Miva Theme Integration
  • Miva Plugin Integration

Miva Customized Development

  • Miva Custom Scripting
  • Miva Plugin Development
  • Miva API Development
  • Miva Template Development
  • Miva Store Redesign

Miva Maintenance & Add-On Services

  • Miva Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Miva Site Analytics
  • Miva Migration Support
  • Miva Page Optimization
  • Support Team & Tutorials

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